2014 marked the 50th anniversary of the Sir Jules Thorn Charitable Trust.  Founded in 1964 by the industrialist Sir Jules Thorn, the Trust remains the most enduring and rewarding legacy of his career.


A man of exceptional talent, innovation and humanity, he created this charity in order to support important medical research and alleviate suffering. In the past half century the Trust has evolved into an all-encompassing humanitarian charity that has given over £90 million to medical research and a wide range of humanitarian charities.

This year, in celebration of Sir Jules, his vision and the 50 years of philanthropy he has provided, the Trust has committed £10 million to support two outstanding new research facilities which will bear his name:


The University of Oxford

A grant of £5 million will enable the University to establish the first institute in the world that will address both the neuroscience of sleep and circadian rhythms and the application of this knowledge for the development of new approaches to correct sleep disruption across broad areas of health and disease.

The institute will be led by the world renowned Circadian Neuroscientist, Professor Russell Foster.  Please click here to view Professor Foster's presentation on The Neuroscience of Sleep given at the June 2013 'TEDGlobal 2013' conference. 

University College London (UCL) and Moorfields Eye Hospital (MEH)

As part of a planned redevelopment and integration of the UCL Institute of Ophthalmology with MEH on a new site, the Trust will provide funding of £5 million to assist with the establishment of a world class translational research facility for eye and vision disorders, which will form a core component of this major project.


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