Since 1982 the Trust has provided regular donations, typically £25,000 per annum, to the Army's central charity, to enable it to make humanitarian grants to former soldiers (and their families), who are in need as a result of age or infirmity, or suffer as a result of military conflicts around the world. The grants have been used towards providing a variety of mobility aids such as wheelchairs, stair lifts, and bath hoists. In other cases, small but essential repairs have been needed to keep homes safe and comfortable, replacing worn carpets, unsafe cookers, broken beds and leaking roof tiles.

The Outcome
With the Trust's support The Army Benevolent Fund has been able to assist more than 1,000 former soldiers and their families to maintain their independence and quality of life. Many old soldiers are now living alone, on basic state pensions and with limited support from Social Services, who are unable to supply urgently needed equipment within an acceptable time frame due to budget constraints. Often a relatively modest amount is all that it takes to ensure that they can continue to live in their own home or to visit the local shops and amenities. They no longer feel isolated and depressed, and are able to continue to take an active part in community life. Help has been given too to younger soldiers who are in need following more recent conflicts.

How the outcome met the Trust's aims
The long-standing involvement with The Army Benevolent Fund exemplifies the humanitarian ethos of the Trust. This grant programme has had a significant impact on the lives of those whom the Fund has been able to help, in addition to showing support and appreciation to those who have made sacrifices for their country.