For its Ann Rylands Special Project In 2001 the Trustees decided to encourage sport for the disabled. One charity among several who were successful in bidding for funds was Disability Sport England, to whom the Trust provided support over three years for the National Mini Games. These events are for children aged 7-12 years with all disabilities who want to try sport, often for the first time, with the emphasis being on taking part and having fun.

The outcome
The Games were an overwhelming success. Stoke Mandeville Stadium was a typical venue, hosting approximately 100 children over one weekend. The sports included Polybat, Table Tennis, Boccia, New Age Kurling, Swimming and some Track and Field events. For many of the children it was their first experience of the world outside of school. The occasion brought together disabled children from both special and mainstream schools, who might otherwise have missed out on the opportunity to participate.

How the outcome met the Trust's aims
The Trust's grant enabled Disability Sport England to offer disabled children a life-changing experience, and the opportunity to develop a continuing interest in sport which would enhance their quality of life.