The Sir Jules Thorn EEG Telemetry Unit at The National Hospital For Neurology And Neurosurgery


Sir Jules Thorn Charitable TrustThe Trust provided a grant of £225,000 to enable The National Hospital to establish a six-bed EEG Telemetry Ward. EEG Telemetry, with a video link, monitors simultaneously the behaviour and brain waves of patients with epilepsy, and sleep disorders. This direct correlation of clinical and neuro-physiological events has proved to be of fundamental importance in the diagnosis and treatment of unexplained episodes of altered behaviour or consciousness, drug resistant epilepsy requiring surgical removal of the epileptic focus, and sleep related problems.

The outcome
Since 1995 the Telemetry Unit has seen numerous patients. It is the largest dedicated Telemetry Unit in the UK for adults, and has the greatest throughput of patients in the world. The assessment made possible by the Unit has resulted in many patients being able to have corrective treatments.

How the outcome met the Trust's aims
The EEG Telemetry Unit has led to better diagnosis and an improved quality of life for many of the patients who travel from all over the UK for assessment.