Applications for this grant scheme may be submitted from 1st December 2017 using the application form which will be available on this site from that date. The following information is provided to allow potential applicants to decide whether their project is suitable:-

The programme is for capital expenditure to support innovation in two areas:

  1. In the field of medical research by funding infrastructure development in universities and/or hospitals which will be used to improve healthcare. The Trust’s focus is on the physical facilities in which translational science is undertaken, and may involve laboratory space or patient facilities.
  2. In the provision of care. The Trustees will define a specific theme which will apply for three years. For 2018-2020 inclusive, that theme will be “the provision of an original care model for the severely disabled.”

The scheme is open to charities registered in the UK, or exempt charities.


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(This decision aid does not reflect the new eligibility criteria and application process for the Medically Related Donations Programme from 2018).