The Trustees endeavour to allocate some funds each year for medicine generally, in addition to their primary commitment to medical research. They keep in mind Sir Jules Thorn's concern to alleviate the suffering of patients and to aid diagnosis.

Grants are awarded for a wide range of purposes. They may be linked to a very large appeal to expand important research facilities in medical schools or to enhance patient care in hospitals. Other grants go to charities whose work is devoted to the care and comfort of patients with distressing clinical conditions.

The resources available are limited and may be used ONLY for capital projects (not operational funding).



Awards are made annually by the Board of Trustees at the autumn meeting (usually held in November).

Charitable organisations seeking a medically related donation should download, complete and return the expression of interest form as an e-mail attachment to  Applicants should also attach electronic copies of the supporting documentation listed at the bottom of page 3 of the expression of interest form. 

Expressions of interest may be submitted normally from 1 December to 31 March and from 1 June to 30 September; however, the Trust may be obliged to close the application window in advance of the dates stated if the number of applications significantly exceeds the resources available.

Please note that due to the exceptionally heavy demand for the limited funds available, the Trust cannot guarantee that an expression of interest will lead to an application to the Trustees.  The Trust does not accept further applications within three years of a previous award; or within two years of an unsuccessful bid for funding.  Repeat applications may not be submitted for a project that has been the subject of a previously unsuccessful bid for funding.

Expressions of interest received between December and March will be considered for submission to the Trustees at their spring meeting (usually held in May) when they may either be carried forward to the autumn meeting or declined. 

Expressions of interest received between June and September will be considered for submission to the Trustees at their autumn meeting.  Those selected for submission will be assessed alongside expressions of interest carried forward from the spring meeting, leading to a decision as to which proposals will receive a grant.

Potential applicants should take this award process into account when considering whether to submit an application.

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