Hospice Fund

The Trustees allocate resources to support the work of hospices in the United Kingdom.

There will be a time-limited window for funding bids, described below under “How we fund”.

Bids may be for either core funding or as a contribution towards a capital project. In the former event the maximum grant on offer will be for £5,000. For capital projects the maximum will be £10,000.

Please note that the Trust can only contribute to capital projects with a total cost which does not exceed £1million, and it should be made clear how any additional revenue costs arising from the project will be met.

Requests for core funding should be related to one of the charity’s key services. This might, for example, be to support the work of a community relations team, or Hospice at Home provision. The application should demonstrate clearly why the grant is needed, and what difference the Trust’s grant would make.


The window for bids opens on 1 July and closes on 30 September, which is the final date by which applications will be accepted. Decisions will be conveyed to applicants in the first week of December.

Applications for the Hospice Fund are now closed and will reopen on 1 July 2019.

After completion, the relevant application should be submitted on line, and must be accompanied by:

1) A detailed budget and a cash flow forecast

2) An audited set of the charity’s last Trustees’ Report and Financial Statements

3) An up to date statement of the charity’s available free reserves, and their justification if they exceed the Trustees’ policy.

The Trust is unable to consider a further appeal to this scheme from a successful applicant until at least two years have elapsed since that application.