The Sir Jules Thorn
Award for Biomedical

Over the past 20 years the Trust has supported world-leading translational research projects through the Sir Jules Thorn Award. The Award provides a grant of up to £1.7 million to support a five-year programme of translational biomedical research selected following a competition among applicants sponsored by the UK’s leading medical schools and NHS organisations.

UK medical schools and NHS organisations are normally able to submit one application annually, selected following an internal competition.  Full details of the programme are given in the guidance notes.

The selection process for the 2020 Award has been extended in response to the enormous pressure that Covid-19 imposed on clinical staff involved in the process; whether as applicants or reviewers. The process resumed in June 2020 and the Trust expects to confirm the Award in the summer of 2021.

Given the extension of the selection process for the 2020 Award and the disruption that the Covid-19 outbreak has caused to research across universities and the NHS, the Trust is not inviting new applications at this stage.

The Trust remains committed to supporting outstanding translational research and expects to announce details of further funding in November 2020.


Applications for the Sir Jules Thorn Award are welcome from UK medical schools and NHS Organisations with only one application allowed per eligible institution/organisation. The research must have a justifiable claim to be at the leading edge of international science and must be led by a clearly identified Principal Applicant of outstanding quality in the early years of an established research and academic career.


Applications are currently closed.


The extended selection process for the 2020 Award will now be completed in the summer of 2021.

Details of further research funding will be published on the Trust’s web-site in September 2020.

The Trust expects to re-open applications for the Sir Jules Thorn Award in the summer of 2021.

For reference, information about the selection process for the Award is set out in the Guidance Notes for the 2020 competition. Potential applicants should also consult our resources page and read AMRC guidance and statements to ensure your application complies.

Information about previous winners of the Sir Jules Thorn Award can be found in the Previous Awards section of our website.

Applicants should contact the Trust, should they have any further questions on [email protected].