Infrastructure Fund

The Trust has a long track record of supporting capital investment in research equipment and facilities. Following a strategic review, the Research Infrastructure Fund was launched in 2022 to support capital investment that will accelerate internationally competitive research in UK universities and/or NHS organisations. Applications may address any discipline or disease area but must demonstrate that the investment will translate into improvements in healthcare for patients. It is anticipated that awards will typically be in the range of £150K-£500K. Full details of the programme are given in the guidance notes.


The programme is open to UK universities and NHS organisations. Applications will also be accepted from UK registered charities which work in partnership with universities and the NHS to support translational research.

Applications must identify a Principal Applicant with sufficient track record to deliver the project and will need to demonstrate:

a) the organisation’s track record in internationally competitive research

b) how the application relates to the organisation’s research strategy

c) the organisation’s commitment to support the maintenance and future development of equipment or facilities funded by the Trust.

Eligible organisations can only make one application to either the Research Infrastructure Fund or Innovation & Improvement in Care Fund per calendar year.

Information about the Trust’s recent funding to support research infrastructure can be found in the Previous Awards section of our website. While some of these awards were made under an earlier programme, they illustrate the type and scale of projects that the Trust may wish to support.


Preliminary proposals should be submitted using the online application form. Proposals submitted by other means will not be considered. The deadline for proposals is Thursday, 29th February 2024.


The Trustees will consider preliminary proposals at their summer meeting, which is usually held in May. Shortlisted applicants will then be invited to make a full application by Friday, 30th August 2024.

Full applications will be considered by the Trustees at their autumn meeting, which is usually held in October or November.

Applicants should contact the Trust, should they have any further questions on [email protected].

More information about grants awarded under this programme can be found on the Previous Awards page of our website.