Grant Conditions

You can download a copy of these grant conditions here.

General Grant Terms and Conditions

When you submit an application, accept a pledge or accept a grant from The Sir Jules Thorn Charitable Trust (the Trust), it will be on the understanding that you have agreed the following:


(Where the Trust has committed to supporting a project but the funds have not yet been paid).

  1. Pledges are normally valid for a maximum period of 2 years unless stated otherwise in the offer letter.
  2. The Trust may withdraw its pledge at the end of this period. Reminders are not issued.
  3. Progress updates should be submitted by email at least annually.


Grant Payments

  1. The grant will be spent for the purpose approved by the Trust.
  2. If you anticipate any substantial changes to the size of the project or its purpose, or wish to change the way that the grant will be spent, you must contact us in advance to seek our agreement.
  3. The Trust may seek repayment of any part of the grant that is not required for the purpose approved.
  4. We reserve the right to withhold a grant or require repayment if:
    1. We find that false information has been supplied to the Trust.
    2. There is any evidence of bribery, corruption or other activity that could damage the reputation of the Trust.
    3. The work undertaken is not the work for which the funding was approved.
    4. Your organisation becomes insolvent or goes into administration, receivership or liquidation and the funding has not been spent on its intended purpose.
  5. We have the right to visit work funded by the Trust.
  6. We have the right to make public the name of your organisation and the broad nature of our offer, but we will not disclose the detail except in confidence to our advisers and as required by law and/or by regulators (e.g. Charity Commission).
  7. As an applicant we will keep your details on our database for the purposes of due diligence, grant management and informing grant making policy.  Information will be held in accordance with our privacy statement.  We do not pass this information to third parties.

Multi Year Grants (Medical Research Only)

  1. Medical Research grants may be paid over a number of years.  To ensure that    instalments are paid on time progress reports (narrative and financial) must be submitted on time and in accordance with the additional Terms and Conditions provided when the research grant is awarded.


  1. We will sometimes add additional conditions to an individual grants or grant programme to take account of particular circumstances.  These will be included in the grant offer we make to you.


You can download a copy of these grant conditions here.
Last updated: October 2017