About The Sir Jules Thorn Charitable Trust


The Trust’s assets and income are derived from a generous endowment made by Sir Jules Thorn in 1964. The income has enabled the Trust to give substantial support to a wide range of charitable causes in the United Kingdom. In keeping with the founder’s wishes the Trust’s most significant grants finance important medical research. Many related aspects of medicine are also supported including the upgrading of medical facilities and equipment, the care of the sick and the management of serious illness. In the broader humanitarian field the grants are intended to make life easier for those who live with disabilities, who suffer from disadvantage or who are in need of support in dealing with difficulties in their lives.

A small staff undertakes the day-to-day management of the Trust and the Trustees are responsible for the Trust’s strategic direction. Although the Trust deed gives the Trustees wide discretion in deciding on their policies the Trustees remain loyal to the wishes and vision of Sir Jules.

The Trust maintains a close interest in the work it funds:

“One characteristic of The Sir Jules Thorn Charitable Trust is that it takes a personal interest in the research that it supports. It has been a pleasure to discuss our findings with members of Sir Jules Thorn’s family, and to work with such a friendly, receptive and human organisation”.
Professor John Garthwaite, Wolfson Institute for Biomedical Research

Trustees Reports and Financial Statements