Making a difference
through effective
grant making


The Trust runs five grant programmes. The resources for grant-making are allocated by the Board of Trustees each year and distributed competitively. More information on each programme can be found by following the links below.

“The Centre was established to improve the lives of people living with severe disability. Insufficient NHS and Social care resources exist, especially post pandemic, to support their physical recovery and rehabilitation, leaving them dealing with long term challenges to their quality of life. The Centre is developing patient centred, user friendly but technologically advanced rehabilitation programmes combining standard exercise equipment, motion capture and innovative gaming technology, which can ultimately be made available for independent use in the community. In this way, it is hoped that users will be able to complete their rehabilitation in the community independently and enjoyably and return to a full and active life.”

- Dr Andrew Kerr, Clinical Director and Professor Philip Rowe, Technical Director of the Sir Jules Thorn Centre for Co-Creation of Rehabilitation Technology, University of Strathclyde