Making a difference
through effective
grant making


The Trust runs five grant programmes. The resources for grant-making are allocated by the Board of Trustees each year and distributed competitively. More information on each programme can be found by following the links below.


The organisations that receive grants from the Trust under its programmes work in many areas of need, but it is possible to segment these into five broad areas which are detailed below.

Medical Science & Medicine

The Trust has a special interest in medical research and supporting medicine generally.  The Trust’s grant programmes for research are founded on assisting investigators who are undertaking pre-clinical studies or initial clinical trials, with a clear strategy defining how the work will translate into benefit for patients and within what timescale.

Serious Illness

The Trust offers support to assist many fundraising initiatives by charities help those suffering from serious illness.  The needs addressed include nursing, residential facilities, assessment and treatment and support and advice.


Through its grant programmes, the Trust endeavours to make life easier for the disabled, to improve their quality of life and to promote good integration with the able-bodied.


The Trust uses its grant programmes to help those less fortunate in society to enjoy new experiences, to provide support to help them to lead more fulfilling lives and to realise their potential.  The Trust supports a broad range of charities who aim to make life easier for those who, for various reasons, find themselves disadvantaged in society.

Overcoming Adversity

The Trust received many appeals from charities who work with people experiencing particular difficulties in their lives, who are vulnerable and in need of support.

“We were delighted that the Trust recognised the innovative way in which RBLI is working to help veterans with multiple challenges achieve truly independent living. Its significant pledge of support was also a powerful catalyst in drawing wider attention to our holistic care model, and the further £2.3m in donations which followed was crucial to the continuing development and replication of this unique concept”.

- Lisa Farmer, Director of Strategic Development, Royal British Legion Industies (RBLI)