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Sir Jules Thorn was a great humanitarian and whilst his endowment was provided primarily for medical research and medicine generally, he was content for some funds to be allocated to charities in response to appeals of a humanitarian nature. Accordingly, the Trustees allocate resources each year for such purposes.

The Trust receives many more appeals than it can support with a grant. Each case is treated on its merits and the Trustees’ policy is to spread the funds as widely as possible. This is done through the Ann Rylands Small Donations programmes.

Successful applicants are awarded grants of up to £1,500. Requests are considered for contributions to core funding or for specific projects, but this programme does not provide substantial sums for capital appeals.


Applications are only accepted from charities registered and operating within the UK. The Trust does not accept applications from individuals, faith-based charities, from charities whose annual income exceeds £5million or for multi-year funding. This programme does not consider appeals from Hospices, for which the Trust has a separate Hospice Fund.


All applications must be submitted online using the application form provided.

As part of the application process applicants will be asked to submit a copy of the charity’s most recent annual accounts and Trustees’ report, a bank statement from within the last 3 months, a budget if applying for funding for a specific project, and any other information considered relevant to the assessment of the application.

Before applying charities should ensure that they have read the guidelines for this programme.


There are no specific dates for submitting applications. Appeals may be made at any time and will be considered by the Trustees as soon as possible.

Not more than one application can be accepted within a period of 12 months.

There are no reporting requirements.

Applicants should contact the Trust, should they have any further questions on [email protected].

More information about previous awards given under this programme can be found on the Previous Awards section of our website.

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Applicants should contact the Trust, should they have any further questions on [email protected]