Medically Related Donations

These examples of previous awards reflect some aspects of the new eligibility criteria that will apply to this programme from January 2018:

The Anna Freud Centre (2017)
£250,000 contribution to the £40M project to create a Centre of Excellence in Kings Cross, London.  This project seeks to address the under-provision of mental health services for children and young people in the UK by offering a radical approach that will provide a space for professionals in research, social care, practice and education, to collaborate their ideas and findings, in contrast to the current strategy of working in silos. The focus of the centre will also be to involve children and their families in all areas of the charity’s work in order to create a general strategy for mental health treatment in the UK, and to facilitate translational research..

The National Brain Appeal (2013)
£500,000 contribution to the £6.267M project to upgrade the Operating Theatres at The National Hospital and to create a new specialist, complex spinal theatre along with a new pre-admission ward.   Key features of this major project include:

  • A dedicated complex spinal theatre – the first of its kind in the country along with a dedicated spinal consultant rota,
  • A dedicated surgical admissions ward providing specialised care and improved patient experience,
  • Largest single site specialist neurosurgery in the UK,
  • Major opportunity to rigorously monitor and improve patient outcomes,
  • Access to state-of the art facilities – Interventional MRI, gamma knife radio-surgical unit, extensive Neuro-rehabilitation, dedicated Neuro-critical care, dedicated Neuro-radiology, dedicated theatres, 24 hour MRI availability, and seven day telemetry unit,
  • Comprehensive range of co-located clinical support services,
  • Development of excellent training opportunities for junior doctors,
  • Capacity to increase case work by approximately 30 cases per week,
  • This redevelopment will also result in the re-Iocation and upgrade of Outpatients clinics.

Addenbrooke’s Charitable Trust (2013)
Provision of two intensive care cots within the new neurocritical care facility at the Rosie Hospital
£179,000.  (See our case study)

Centre for Experimental Medicine at Queen’s University Belfast (2010)
£143,000 (See the news article)

Moorfields Eye Hospital (2008)
A £526,000 grant to install and equip a class 100 cleanroom as part of a £20M project to develop a new stem cell therapy unit at the Moorfields Eye Hospital in London.  This new therapy unit aims to make stem cell regeneration of the eye, and restoration of vision, a reality.

The Christie Hospital (2007)
£125,000 contribution towards a £3.2M project to create a Radiopharmacy within the new Radioimmunotheraphy centre for cancer treatment to be built at the Christie Hospital in Manchester.

The Sir Jules Thorn EEG Telemetry Unit at The National Hospital For Neurology And Neurosurgery
(See our case study).


Details of other awards made since 2013 under the Medically Related Donations Programme may be found in our news section.  Please note that the awards listed in our news section reflect the eligibility criteria that existed before revision of this programme in 2017.