Encouraging innovation
in the delivery of
medical research and
in caring for
people with severe disabilities

This grant scheme, available to registered or exempt charities, is for capital expenditure to support innovation. Grants given under the Medically Related Donations scheme are awarded annually and are for capital projects only. The application process operates competitively, with a triage of short preliminary applications, followed by submission of detailed applications, and, where appropriate, site visits.

This grant scheme is for capital expenditure to support innovation in one of two areas:

  1. In the field of medical research by funding infrastructure development in universities and/or hospitals, which will be used to improve healthcare. The Trust’s focus is on the physical facilities in which translational science is undertaken, which may involve laboratory space or patient facilities.
  2. In the provision of care. The Trustees will define a specific theme which is currently ‘the provision of an original care model for people living with severe disabilities’. This will be subject to review ahead of the 2022 application round.


The Trust is not prescriptive in defining the nature of bids which may qualify for funding but, where applicable, applicants are expected to explain clearly and convincingly:

  • How their project meets the criterion of being innovative
  • The evidence of the need of the project
  • How it will have a transformational impact for those whom it will support
  • How it will provide a catalyst for change
  • How it will be sustainable
  • How it could be replicated for the wider benefit
  • What milestones must be met, with timescales
  • How the outcomes will be measured
  • How the level of the applicant’s reserves influences the plans for funding the project.

Depending on the availability of resources, the Trustees hope to allocate up to £1.5 million annually to this scheme. The Trust typically makes approximately four awards each year across the two areas of priority.

The Trust may fund a project completely, or make a contribution towards the funding of a larger project. In all cases, the Trustees will look to identify projects where support from the Trust could make a distinct and significant impact. The Trust is therefore unlikely to make general contributions to very large capital appeals. Where applications relate to large-scale investments in facilities, the Trustees will therefore want to understand the distinct area of the project that might be funded by the Trust and to assess whether funding from the Trust could have a truly transformational impact in the context of the wider appeal.


How to Apply

There is a two-stage application process:

  1. Preliminary proposals should be submitted online using the expression of interest application form between 6 January, with a deadline of 31 March. Only one preliminary application per institution/organisation may be submitted.

The Trustees will undertake short-listing at their summer meeting, which is usually held in May or June

2. Applicants whose proposals are shortlisted will be invited to make a detailed case for support by 31 August. Before applying, applicants should ensure that they have read the guidelines for this programme.

A visit may be made to shortlisted applicants after the detailed case for support has been submitted. The Trust may seek comments from independent reviewers.

A final decision will be made by the Trustees and decisions communicated to applicants in December.


Applicants should contact the Trust, should they have any further questions on [email protected].

More information about previous awards given under this grant programme can be found on the Previous Awards section of our website.